The Orbit Race is a simple game to play YET so challenging where you must avoid every bullet obstacles wihout being hit once. It is just a simple tap game that tap on anywhere on the screen to flip the direction to collect all the bubble in the level and avoid bullets.

Game Preview Video

  • Fast-packed, action-packed, unique gameplay experience
  • Intuitive and responsive control
  • Endless of challenges
  • Unique Power Ups to boost up your score
  • Multiple theme pack ready for unlock
  • Global Leaderboards
  • Facebook friends' Leaderboard integration
  • Google Play Games Service Achievements

Addictive Game Experience

The Orbit Race just a simple game and require player simple tap gesture to play the game. Player need to collect all the bubbles that around the center in order proceed to next level. The game difficulties increased as you go higher level such as amount of bullet and speed of bullet.

Mixed Power Ups

  • Up to 5 different power ups
  • Select up to 2 power ups on a single round game
  • Extra Life - get extra life in the game
  • Bullet Speed - reduced bullet movement speed in the game
  • Extra Coin - get extra coins in the game
  • Move Speed - increase player movement speed in the game
  • Less Bullet - reduced amount of bullet being shoot in the game

Packed with Different Theme

The Orbit Race packed with 5 different game theme in total which created exciting experience for players who really enjoy it.

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